Dr Parisa Akhavan


Dr. Parisa Akhavan Instructor Dr. Parisa Akhavan graduated as a Pediatric dentist specialist from Tehran University of medical sciences, Tehran, Iran in 1998. She took a complementary academic fellowship course in “Hospital Dentistry” at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and was actively involved in dental [...]

Dr Pooneh Mohebi


Dr. Pooneh Mohebi Instructor Dr. Pooneh is an NDEB certified dentist with great experience and expertise in Endodontics. As an assistant professor in the Endotonic department in the Faculty of dentistry at the Azad University of Tehran she has several publications in reputable academic journals, international [...]

Dr. Shabnam Shankaei


Dr. Shabnam Shankaei Instructor Dr. Shabnam Shankaei is an outstanding, proficient dentist with valuable experience in academia and clinical dentistry that Confidentist has the honor of her collaboration for a long time. She is proficient in providing strong support and guidance for the new International dentists [...]

Dr. Neda Kadivar


Dr. Neda Kadivar Instructor Dr. Neda Kadivar is one of the most experienced, recognized, and admirable instructors of ACJ and AFK in Canada that the Confidentist group has the honor of her collaboration.  Her effective instruction has encouraged and attracted a large number of dentistry students [...]


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