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What is Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT)?

The ADAT is an admission test designed to provide advanced dental education programs with a means to assess an applicant’s potential for success in these programs. The ADAT is used by advanced dental education programs in conjunction with other admission tools that provide insight into candidate qualifications as they relate to core program requirements. It is highly recommended that all the applicants for advanced standing dental programs in the United States take this exam along with INBDE because many dental school programs in the United States will consider the ADAT exam as a part of their evaluations. Starting from 2022, the University of Toronto and McGill university dental schools have discontinued the AFK exam as a part of their requirements and have replaced it with the ADAT exam.  Therefore, all the candidates who want to apply to these universities have to take the ADAT exam as a part of their process. It is also highly recommended for the applicants to dental schools in the United States to take the ADAT exam along with the INBDE exam to increase their chance of getting interviews from the US dental schools.  The ADAT exam is consist of 200 questions in three separate parts which include Biomedical science, Clinical science, Data, Research, and Evidence-based dentistry.

With our dedicated video platform, you can choose when and how to watch lectures in the comfort of your home. Each lecture would be available for a limited period (two weeks to watch) and all the lectures would become available through the general curriculum of the course, but we would make some slight changes through your mentoring sessions depending on your personal circumstances.

How to study this course?

Once the registration gets complete, you will get connected with our registration office, and booklets would be printed and shipped to your address.
After receiving booklets, we will confirm the course start date with you and email your course schedule with username and password to course video streaming platform. Each topic would be available for 2 weeks and could be watched at maximum of 3 times. 


Course Starts: Flexible timing

Course duration: 2 to 3 months (Depends on your choice of the pace of learning)

Course Language: English

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Biomedical science + Clinical Science + Research& Evidence-based dentistry

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Biomedical science + Research & Evidence-based dentistry

5 Updated Booklets

110 Hours Lecture

Two Mocks

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Two Mock Exams + Two Live Discussions

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Private Consultation

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