Consulting Service

What is Consulting Service at ConfiDentist?

NDEB equivalency process is a phase every international dentist who wishes to practice in Canada must go through. Due to the difficult nature of immigration itself many dentists find it confusing what they need to do and how to do it in order to get their professional license in Canada and start their career.

Our goal is to provide motivational and emotional support for dentists around the world before, during and after they step through this journey. We offer one on one consulting sessions from the beginning through the end.

This is what our consultants offer during the consulting session :

-Provide detailed information about the equivalency process, pathway and resources
-Guidance through opening the NDEB profile, gathering and sending documents to the NDEB
-Answer questions and concerns
-How to get prepared for the exams and choose the right preparatory path

-introduce the well-known and experienced advisors in other areas of expertise like financial planning or immigration services.


Consulting Package

$1oo + HST / Hour

This package includes one hour of Consulting service  provided online via Video conference platform (Zoom)

 Consulting Cost would be refunded in case of purchase of our courses.