He believed that many people shared his dream of becoming a dentist in Canada. They aspired to a high quality of life but needed guidance to navigate this path. He knew that with the right and professional services, he could help many dentists and peers achieve their goals. This is how Confidentist was born, founded by Dr. Mehdi Adibrad.

Over a decade ago, Confidentist was established with a mission: to assist international dentists in passing their exams and becoming practicing Canadian dentists. Dr. Mehdi, the founder, had himself gone through this process in 8 months and realized the need for a company that could offer these services with the highest quality.

Everything didn’t go smoothly at first. There was limited access to educational spaces. Alongside his dental practice, Dr. Mehdi dedicated a significant amount of time to introducing his organization to the international dental community. Classes started with only a few students, but gradually, they realized that Dr. Mehdi’s training was unique. They saw the results of the innovative teaching method he had developed.

Today, Dr. Mehdi feels proud. For over 10 years, Confidentist has trained numerous international dentists, guiding them through every step until they reach their final goals. Along the way, many experienced colleagues have joined him. Now, dozens of instructors are part of this thriving community.

Commitment to providing high-quality education, employing experienced instructors, offering both online and offline educational resources, and continually updating learning materials are key elements that have positioned the Confidentist family as a leading organization in delivering educational services to international students.

We understand that all our students are going through unique immigration situations, and we strive to offer them suitable financial and family-oriented options. It is our honor to have a new member like you join us and accompany you on this journey.

If you are serious about your path, our 10 years of experience will eliminate trial and error, guiding you directly on the right track.