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Clinical Skills


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3 September 2021


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What is the Assessment of Clinical Skills?

The Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS) exam is the second or third phase of the Equivalency Process that graduates from non-accredited dental programs must pass in order to be eligible for Canadian dental licensure and certification. The exam, held over 2 days, tests the practical skills of aspiring dentists by requiring them to complete 12 specific projects in a simulated dental clinic environment. All tests are conducted on mannequins under specific infection control rules that apply throughout the exam.

Aside from clinical skills, the ACS exam also evaluates aspiring dentists’ skills in material hygiene, infection control, and record-keeping.

12 Quizzes

2 Mock Exams

Step by Step Booklets

All dental unit work stations

There’s so much riding on passing the ACS! Students are required to possess – or develop – certain skills to pass the exam. ConfiDentist’s teaching approach for the ACS has been thoroughly developed over many years to help students learn these skills, as well as the proper techniques and concepts in order to receive a high score on all projects.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping students understand the required concepts and be 100% prepared to meet and exceed the rigors of the exam. Additionally, since this exam is largely skills-based, students will get plenty of opportunities to develop relevant clinical skills and be confident in using them during the actual exam.

  • Daily access to the center (6 days a week) for practice during assigned sessions
  • 40 minute  weekly instructor-supervised training and evaluation sessions for each trainer
  • Live and high-definition video demonstrations of the skills required by the ACS exam
  • Live demonstrations by instructors for each project
  • 2 full mock exams  simulating the actual ACS exam
  • Darwin Head for each student similar to the one used in the real ACS exam
  • Clinical Skills booklet providing a step-by-step review of all the techniques for all ACS projects
  • Modified Protocol® manual which is our unique method to evaluate your works most accurately plus mock exam booklet with 20+ full mock exams for review and preparation
  • Multiple dental chairs to simulate the conditions in the final Skills exam
  • Complete list of recommended Kilgore teeth, dental instruments and materials to be used during practice and the exam

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Confidentist’s Skills Center : Unit 211, 3333 Bayveiw Avenue,

6 days per week-3 Months

$3600 + HST*

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This package includes:

Course Starts:   September  , 2021*

Course Duration : 3 Months

One-on-one work check: 50 minutes per weeks for each trainee

2 Mock Exams + Step by Step Booklet + Video tutorials

Work Check only 

$2750 + HST*

(HST would be refunded through T2202 Form)

This package includes:

15 sessions one-on-one instruction and work check, each for 1 hour

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