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Sat Jan 6thTBARubber dam Placement Demonstration + Class 1 Cavity prep on Premolars
Sat Jan 13thTBAClass 1 Cavity preps On Upper Molars
Sat Jan 20thTBAClass 1 Cavity Preps on Lower molars
Sat Jan 27thTBAClass 1 cavity preps with extensions on upper and lower molars
Sat Feb 3rdTBAClass 1 Amalgam and composite Restorations (Classic and with extension)
Sat Feb 10thTBAClass 3 Cavity preps + Composite Class 3 restorations
Sat Feb 17thTBAClass 5 Cavity preps(Compo/Amallgam/GI) + Composite and amalgam class 5 restorations
Feb 24th - 2024TBAMock exam 1 - Discussion
Mar 2nd - 2024TBAMock exam 2 - Discussion