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Saturday 19th Nov 2022 Orientation session and one on one consultation for each candidate/Rubber dam Isolation Demonstration
Saturday 26th Nov 2022Class 1 amalgam prep On Maxillary molars
Saturday 3rd Dec 2022*Class 1 amalgam cavity prep on mandibular molars
Saturday 10th Dec 2022*Class 1 amalgam Cavity preps on Maxillary premolars
Saturday 17th Dec 2022 Class 1 Amalgam Cavity preps on Mandibular premolars
Saturday 24th Dec 2022Composite Class 1 cavity preps on upper and lower premolars and molars
Saturday 7th Jan 2023Amalgam class 1 restoration on Upper and lower molars and premolars
Saturday 14th Jan 2023Composite Class 1 restoration on maxillary and mandibular premolars and molars
Saturday 21st Jan 2023Class 3 cavity preparation on Maxillary anterior teeth
Saturday 28th Jan 2023Class 3 Cavity preparation on Mandibular anterior teeth
Saturday 4th Feb 2023Class 3 Composite restorations
Saturday 11th Feb 2023Class 5 Amalgam, Composite and GIC cavity preparation on maxillary and mandibular anterior and posterior teeth
Saturday 18th Feb 2023Class 5 amalgam, Composite and GIC restorations
Saturday 25th Feb 2023* Requested extra demonstration for any of the projects for each candidate
Saturday 4th March 2023MOCK 1
Friday 10th March 2023MOCK 2