(Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge)

What is Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge?

The AFK exam is the first phase that a foreign-trained dentist needs to complete in order to become a licensed dentist in Canada. This multiple-choice exam tests students’ knowledge of biomedical science as well as applied clinical science. The assessment consists of two books with each book containing 150 single-answer multiple choice questions.

Coverage of the exam is based on the competencies for a beginning Dental Practitioner in Canada. Questions are distributed among 8 major content areas and each area carries a different percentage of questions.

Over the many years of our practice, we have gained a thorough knowledge and understanding of NDEB requirements that have helped us design the right methods so you can pass the AFK exam with a high score.

Here’s what students can expect from ConfiDentist’s AFK course:

  • A simplified approach that breaks down complex topics into smaller, easily-digestible programs
  • Detailed focus on each subtopic to solidify students’ understanding of the exam and of dental practices in Canada
  • Mock exams that will challenge you and prepare you for what you will see on the actual exam
  • An updated curriculum to match the changing trends in the exams and in the Canadian dental space


29 Live lectures
15 Pre-recorded lectures (can be accessed anytime during the course)


Full Mock Exams


Full Mock Exam Discussions


Practice and Q&A sessions


High-Quality Booklets




Final Review Sessions

Private Mentorship through the course

  • Success rate (past 6 years): 88.1%
  • Top scorer rate (90+): 21.0%
  • The most comprehensive AFK course out there with 280+ hours of lectures and mock exams.
  • 4 MOCK exams!
  • Most comprehensive and updated materials: ConfiNotes®️

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Registration Starts: June, 5th 2023


Comprehensive Course Starts: 1st Week of March

Comprehensive Course Ends:  4th Week of July

Method of Study: Online Only

Class Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Class Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST

Ready To Start?

AFK Pre-Recorded

  • Online Pre-Recorded Course
  • Duration 3-4 months
  • The Selection of our best AFK lectures
  • 36 Pre-recorded lectures
  • 1 Mock Exam and Discussion session
  • ConfiTests and Videos
  • Final Review session (AFK August)
  • 3 * 20 minutes Mentorship
  • Membership in the VIP Facebook group
  • Booklets

AFK Comprehensive

  • Online Live Course
  • August Exam
  • 44 Lectures
  • 29 Live and 15 Pre-recorded lectures
  • 4 Mock Exams and 8 Discussion sessions
  • 4 Practice and Q&A sessions
  • 12 ConfiQuizzes
  • Final Review session
  • Private Mentorship
  • Membership in the VIP Facebook group
  • 1 Complimentary Repeat*
  • Booklets

Mock Exam

  • Mock Exams Only
  • 4 Mock Exams and 8 Discussion sessions
  • Final Review session (4 Mocks Required)

*Condition May Apply