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14/15/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmSJT Patient-Centered Care Dr. MehdiOnline
24/16/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmSJT Health PromotionDr. FatemehOnline
34/22/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmSJT Communication and Collaboration 1Dr. MehdiOnline
44/23/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmSJT Communication and Collaboration 2Dr. FatemehOnline
54/30/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmSJT Practice and Information ManagementDr. MehdiOnline
65/6/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmSJT PRofessionalism 1Dr. SinaOnline
75/7/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmSJT PRofessionalism 2Dr.SinaOnline
85/12/2023Friday9 am -4 pmSJT Mock1 & Mock2 & Mock3DentinDentin Faminly Dentistry
95/13/2023Saturday9 am -3 pmSJT MOCK 1,2,3 discussionsDr.SinaConfidentist Office - In person
105/19/2023Friday9 am -4 pmSJT Mock4 & Mock5 & Mock6DentinDentin Faminly Dentistry
115/20/2023Saturday9 am -3 pmSJT MOCK 4,5,6 discussionsDr.SinaConfidentist Office - In person