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Morning sessions or Afternoon sessions



  • Daily (6 days a week) access to our center for practice, during the assigned (morning sessions 8.00am- 2.15pm and for evening sessions2.30pm-9.00pm)
  • 75 instructor-supervised training and evaluation session (5 days a week instructor)!
  • High-definition Video demonstrations of projects utilizing different techniques
  • Live demonstrations for each project.
  • Clinical Skills Booklet including step by step review of all the ACS projects.
  • Modified Protocol® Manual.
  • Mock Exam Booklet including 20+ full mock exams during the course.
  • 2 Full Mock exams stimulating the ACS exam 2-days environment.
  • 1 EXTRA special Full Mock exams (all teeth and materials including typodonts will be provided by ConfiDentist® and the projects will be evaluated and scored similar to the ACS exam: may be purchased separately.
  • Darwin head for each student similar to the Skills exam.
  • Two dental chairs to help simulate the final Skills exam conditions.
  • Complete list of recommended Kilgore teeth, dental instrument and materials to be used during practice and the exam.
  • Returning SKILLS students are eligible a special discount.

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