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Dear Doctors, please pay attention:

For registration online, You can send your First name, Last name and Email address to 001-647-868-4003 as a text message, then through your email, We can complete your online registration.


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  • 140+ hours comprehensive course equips the candidates with the ability to diagnose, analyze, problem-solve and treatment plan according to guidelines taught to graduates of Canadian accredited dental programs. Our comprehensive course consists of:

  • Lectures: 20 interactive lectures covering all 10 topics of Judgement exam.
  • 4 computer-based full mock exams with 8 mock discussion sessions
  • A new 400+ pages topic-based lecture booklet (ACJ ConfiNotes®), covering everything you need to study for ACJ exam
  • A new ACJ cases Quiz booklet (Cases ConfiTest®) with 120+ cases questions
  • A new ACJ Radiograph Quiz event with 150+ radiographs (computer-based format)
  • Access to our premium instructor-moderated Facebook group, to discuss more cases and X-rays over 10 WEEKS!


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