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115+ hours comprehensive course equips the candidates with the ability to diagnose, analyze, problem-solve and treatment plan according to guidelines taught to graduates of Canadian accredited dental programs. The course will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Our comprehensive course consists of:

  • 10 Seven-hour Clinical Judgment Lectures covering all 10 topics of Judgement exam.
  • 3 full mock exams (each 120 questions)
  • 3 comprehensive Mock exam discussion sessions
  • A new 300+ pages topic-based lecture booklet (covering everything you need to study for ACJ exam)
  • A new Exercise booklet (ConfiTest®) with 100+ cases questions and 100+ radiographs
  • Access to our premium instructor-moderated Facebook group, to discuss more cases and X-rays over a period of more than 10 weeks


  • Dr. Mehdi Adibrad (Head Instructor)
  • Dr Neda Kadivar
  • Dr. Soroosh Khalilnejad


  • Parya Trillium Foundation, 344 John St., Markham, ON L3T 5W6

Start date:

  • September 26, 2018


September 26 (9am-4pm) Pharmacology  Dr Mehdi 
September 27 (9am-4pm) Periodontics  Dr Mehdi 
October 10 (9am-4m) Pathology  Dr Neda
October 11 (9am-4pm) Radiology 1 Dr Soroosh 
October 17 (9am-4pm) Drug prescription Dr Mehdi
October 18 (9am-4pm) Radiology 2 - Loca Anesthesia Dr Soroosh 
October 24 (9am-4pm) Orthodontics - Restorative  Dr Mehdi 
October 25 (9am-4pm) Emergencies - Patient Management Dr Soroosh 
October 31 (9am-4pm) Endodontics-Tests-Oral Surgery Dr Neda
November 1 (9am-4pm) Radiology 3 Dr Soroosh 
November 7 Mock Exam 1  
November 8 Discussion session   
November 14 Mock Exam 2  
November 15 Discussion session   
November 21 Mock exam 3  
November 22 Discussion session   



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