Board Exam Preparation

NDEB Exam Date:

19 – 20 November 2022


8 Sessions


$1400 + HST



What is the NDEB Board Exam Preparation?

So – you’ve taken and passed the three NDEB equivalency exams (AFK, ACS & ACJ)? Great! You’re now 1 step closer to practicing dentistry in Canada! The last step you need to complete before you can become a fully-licensed Canadian dentist is taking and passing the NDEB Board Exam. If you can pass it on your first attempt, you can start practicing sooner!

The Board exam includes two components, a written examination and the Objective Clinical Examination (OSCE). In the OSCE, candidates are required to answer match-type questions at each question ‘station’ within a time limit of five minutes and then move on to the next station to answer another question. Each station provides information that must be reviewed before the question can be answered. At some stations, candidates may be required to make a prescription based on information available at that station.

The written portion of the exam includes 150 multiple choice questions in two books. Candidates are expected to display their knowledge and skills of the key themes covered in the exam, including clinical and behavioral dental science, biomedical dental science, professional behavior, and ethics.

Together, these two components help the NDEB determine if you are competent and capable of practicing dentistry in Canada.





OSCE Mock Exams



Pre-recorded Written Mock Exams

  • 2 full OSCE mock exams + 2 full OSCE discussion sessions
  • Access to the premium instructor-moderated Facebook group to discuss critical skills and concepts for Fundamental Knowledge and Judgment exams
  • Topic-based comprehensive lecture booklet (covering new topics for the OSCE exam)

ConfiDentist’s Board Exam Preparation course will set you up for the exam and career success, not only intellectually, but psychologically and mentally as well.

The entire course is designed to help students hone their skills and broaden their knowledge to help them diagnose, solve problems, design effective treatment plans, and analyze cases based on the guidelines taught in Canadian-accredited dental programs.

Mock exams are part of the curriculum to help students prepare for and get comfortable with the real Board Exam. Review sessions are also included to discuss the mock exam questions, learn techniques to answer questions under time pressure, and solidify their understanding of what they can expect in the exam.

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NDEB Registration Starts: 05 October, 2022 21:00 EST

NDEB Exam Date: 19 – 20 November 2022

Place:  OSCE On-site

Please be advised that according to NDEB announcement the plan and accommodation of the course could be changed.


Course Schedule 

  Written1 In-Person

   In person Pre-Recorded

Exam Tue-18 October
Discussion Wed-19 October
  Written2 In-Person

   In person Pre-Recorded

Exam Tue-25 October
Discussion Wed-26 October
  OSCE1 In-Person Sun-30 October
Discussion Mon-31 October
  OSCE2 In-Person Exam Sun-6 November
Discussion Mon-7 November
  NDEB Board Exam 19-20 Nov 2022


$1400 + HST

This package includes:

2 Written Mock Exam + Recorded Discussion Sessions


2 OSCE Mock Exams + Discussion Sessions


$750 + HST

This package includes:

2 Written Mock Exam + Recorded Discussion Sessions


$900 + HST

This package includes:

2 OSCE Mock Exams + Discussion Sessions

Board Exam Booklet

$300 + HST

Board Exam Booklet,

215 pages, mostly about OSCE and a brief about the Written exam.