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SessionDateDayTimeTopicInstructorMethod of Delivery
Week 113/17/2023Friday9 am-3 pmOrtho 1Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
23/18/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmPharma 1Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
33/19/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmComplete dentureDr. Sina In Person/Online
Week 243/24/2023Friday9 am-3 pmOrtho 2Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
53/25/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmPharma 2Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
63/26/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmRemovable partial dentureDr. Sina In Person/Online
Week 373/31/2023Friday9 am-3 pmPharma 3Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
84/01/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmOcclusionDr. Sina In Person/Online
94/02/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmPharma 4Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
Week 4104/07/2023Friday9 am-3 pmPerio 1Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
114/08/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmRadioDr. Dela In Person/Online
124/09/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmQuiz 1: Pharmacology + DiscussionDr Mehdi Online (Prerecorded)
Week 5134/14/2023Friday9 am-5 pmPerio 2Dr Mehdi In Person/Online (Prerecorded)
144/15/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmFixed partial dentureDr. Sina In Person/Online
154/16/2023Sunday9 am-3 pm
Perio 3Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
Week 6164/21/2023Friday9 am-3 pmImplant dentistryDr. Mehdi In Person/Online
174/22/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmPatho 1Dr. Saman Online
184/23/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmPatho 2Dr. Saman Online
Week 7194/28/2023Friday9 am-3 pmQuiz 2- Prostho + DiscussionDr. MehdiOnline (Prerecorded)
204/29/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmPatho 3Dr. Saman Online
214/30/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmPatho 4Dr. Saman Online
Week 8225/05/2023Friday9 am-5 pmEthics and epidemiologyDr Mehdi In Person/Online
235/06/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmEmbryology and physiologyDr. Fatemeh In Person/Online
245/07/2023Sunday9 am-3 pm
General PathologyDr. SamanOnline
Week 9255/12/2023Friday9 am-5 pmPedo 1Dr Sanaz In Person/Online
265/13/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmEndodontics 1Dr. Parul In Person/Online
275/14/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmPedo 2Dr Sanaz In Person/Online
Week 10285/19/2023Friday9 am-3 pmQuiz 3 (Perio/Implant) + discussionDr. MehdiOnline (Prerecorded)
295/20/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmEndodontics 2Dr. Parul In Person/Online
305/21/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmQuiz 4: Pedo & Ortho + DiscussionDr. MehdiOnline (Prerecorded)
Week 11315/27/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmLocal anesthesia 1Dr. SinaIn Person/Online
325/28/2023Sunday 9am -3pm Quizz 5: patho + discussionDr. SanazIn Person/Online
335/29/2023Monday9 am-3 pmSurgery 1: Pt management and emergenciesDr. Neda In Person/Online
Week 12346/3/2023Saturday 9 am-3 pmLocal anesthesia 2Dr. Sina In Person/Online
356/4/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmQuiz 6: Endo & Radio + DiscussionDr. Mehdi Online (Prerecorded)
366/5/2023Monday9 am-3 pmSurgery 2Dr. Neda In Person/Online
Week 13376/09/2023Friday 9am - 2pmQuiz 7: Science & EpidemiologyDr Mehdi Online (Prerecorded)
386/10/2023Saturday 9 am - 3 pm Dental material 1Dr. Fatemeh In Person/Online
396/11/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmDental material 2Dr. Fatemeh In Person/Online
406/12/2023Monday9 am-3 pmSurgery 3Dr. Neda In Person/Online
Week 14416/16/2023Friday9 am-3 pmQuiz 8: Surgery/LA + DiscussionDr. Mehdi Online (Prerecorded)
426/17/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmResto 1 Dr. Parul In Person/Online
436/18/2023Sunday9 am-3 pmResto 2Dr. Parul In Person/Online
Week 15446/24/2023Saturday9 am-3 pmQuizz 9: Resto & DM + Q&A Dr. MehdiOnline (Prerecorded)
456/25/2023Sunday9 am-3 pm Review session Dr. Mehdi In Person/Online
Week 17467/07/2023Friday9 am-2 pmMock exam 1Online
477/08/2023Saturday9 am-2 pmDiscussionDr. Sina Online
487/09/2023Sunday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. MehdiOnline
Week 18497/14/2023Friday9 am-2 pmMock exam 2Online
507/15/2023Saturday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. Sina Online
517/16/2023Sunday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. MehdiOnline
Week 19527/21/2023Friday9 am-2 pmMock exam 3Online
537/22/2023Saturday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. MehdiOnline
547/23/2023Sunday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. SinaOnline
Week 20557/28/2023Friday9 am-2 pmMock exam 4Online
567/29/2023Saturday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. SinaOnline
577/30/2023Sunday9 am-2 pmDiscussion Dr. Mehdi Online