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1Friday March 18, 20229:00am-3:00pmPerio-1Dr. MehdiOnline
2Saturday March 19, 20229:00am-3:00pmDental Material 1Dr. AnujOnline
3Sunday March 20, 20229:00am-3:00pmDental Material 2Dr. AnujOnline
4Friday March 25, 20229:00am-3:00pmPerio-2Dr. MehdiOnline
5Saturday March 26, 20229:00am-3:00pmRestorative dentistry 1Dr. AnujOnline
6Sunday March 27, 20229:00am-3:00pmRadiology Dr. HengamehOnline
7Friday April 1, 20229:00am-3:00pmPerio 3Dr. MehdiOnline
8Saturday April 2, 20229:00am-4:00pmRestorative dentistry 2Dr. AnujOnline
9Friday April 8, 20229:00am-3:00pmImplant dentistryDr. MehdiOnline
10Saturday April 9, 20229:00am-3:00pmPharma 1Dr. SamanOnline
11Sunday April 10, 20229:00am-3:00pmPharma 2Dr. SamanOnline
12Friday April 15, 20229:00am-3:00pmpharma 3Dr. MehdiOnline
13Saturday April 16, 20229:00am-3:00pmPharma 4Dr. MehdiOnline
14Sunday April 17, 20229:00am-3:00pmPatient management & EmergenciesDr. FreddyOnline
15Friday April 22, 20229:00am-3:00pmSurgery 1Dr. FreddyOnline
16Saturday April 23, 20229:00am-3:00pmSurgery 2Dr. FreddyOnline
17Sunday April 24, 20229:00am-3:00pmEndo -1Dr. HengamehOnline
18Friday April 29, 20229:00am-3:00pmEndo -2Dr. HengamehOnline
19Saturday April 30, 20229:00am-3:00pmLocal anesthesia 1Dr. FreddyOnline
20Sunday May 1, 20229:00am-3:00pmLocal Anesthesia 2Dr. FreddyOnline
21Friday May 6, 20229:00am-3:00pmEthics and epidemologyDr. MehdiOnline`
22Saturday May 7, 20229:00am-3:00pmORTHO 1Dr. SaraOnline
23Sunday May 8, 20229:00am-3:00pmORTHO 2Dr. SaraOnline
24Friday May 13, 20229:00am-3:00pmPedo 1Dr. SinaOnline
25Saturday May 14, 20229:00am-3:00pmEmberyo and physiologyDr. Anuj Online
26Sunday May 15, 20229:00am-3:00pmComplete dentureDr. Neda Online
27Friday May 20, 20229:00am-3:00pmPedo 2Dr. SinaOnline
28Saturday May 21, 20229:00am-3:00pmPatho 1Dr. SamanOnline
29Sunday May 22, 20229:00am-3:00pmRemovable partial dentureDr. Neda Online
30Friday May 27, 20229:00am-3:00pmPatho 2Dr. SamanOnline
31Saturday May 28, 20229:00am-3:00pmPatho 3Dr. SamanOnline
32Sunday May 29, 20229:00am-3:00pmPatho 4Dr. SamanOnline
33Saturday June 4, 20229:00am-3:00pmOcclusion Fixed partial dentureDr. Neda Online
34Sunday June 5, 20229:00am-3:00pmGeneral PathoDr. SamanOnline
35Friday June 10, 2022--NO CLASS
36Saturday June 11, 20229:00am-2:00pmCONFITEST 1 - DM, RestoDr. Anuj Online
37Sunday June 12, 20229:00am-3:00pmFixed partial dentureDr. Neda Online
38Friday June 17, 20229:00am-2:00pmCONFITEST 2 - ENDO, RADIODr. ArezooOnline
39Saturday June 18, 20229:00am-2:00pmCONFITEST 3 - Perio-implantDr. ArezooOnline
40Sunday June 19, 20229:00am-2:00pmCONFITEST 4 - ProsthodonticsDr. ArezooOnline
41Friday June 24, 20229:00am-4:00pmCONFITEST 5 - ORTHO-PEDODr. ArezooOnline
42Saturday June 25, 20229:00am-4:00pmCONFITEST 6 - PATHODr. ArezooOnline
43Sunday June 26, 20229:00am-4:00pmCONFITEST 7 - EMBERIO-EPIDEMIO-ETHICSDr. Anuj Online
44Friday July 1, 20229:00am-4:00pmCONFITEST 8 - Pharmacology, Surgery-LADr. ArezooOnline
45Saturday July 2, 20229:00am-2:00pmReview Quiz 1Dr. SinaOnline
46Sunday July 3, 20229:00am-2:00pmReview Quiz 2Dr. ArezooOnline
47Friday July 8, 20229:00am-1:00pmMock exam 1Online
48Saturday July 9, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 1-1Dr. PannuOnline
49Sunday July 10, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 1-2Dr. MehdiOnline
50Monday July 11, 20229:00am-4:00pmReview sessionDr. MehdiRecorded
51Friday July 15, 20229:00am-1:00pmMock exam 2Online
52Saturday July 16, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 2-1Dr. MehdiOnline
53Sunday July 17, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 2-2Dr. PannuOnline
54Friday July 22, 20229:00am-1:00pmMock exam 3Online
55Saturday July 23, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 3-1Dr. MehdiOnline
56Sunday July 24, 20229:00am-1:00pmDiscussion 3-2Dr. PannuOnline
57Friday July 29, 20229:00am-1:00pmMock exam 4Online
58Saturday July 30, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 4-1Dr. MehdiOnline
59Sunday July 31, 20229:00am-2:00pmDiscussion 4-2Dr. SinaOnline
60Friday August 5, 20229:00am-1:00pmExtra Mock exam Online
61Saturday August 6, 20229:00am-2:00pmExtra Discussion Dr. SinaOnline
62Sunday August 7, 20229:00am-4:00pmReview sessionDr. MehdiLive/Online