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What is Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge?

The AFK exam is the first phase that a foreign-trained dentist needs to complete in order to become a licensed dentist in Canada. This multiple-choice exam tests students’ knowledge of biomedical science as well as applied clinical science. The assessment consists of two books with each book containing 150 single-answer multiple choice questions.

Coverage of the exam is based on the competencies for a beginning Dental Practitioner in Canada. Questions are distributed among 8 major content areas and each area carries a different percentage of questions.

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Over the many years of our practice, we have gained a thorough knowledge and understanding of NDEB requirements that have helped us design the right methods so you can pass the AFK exam with a high score.

Here’s what students can expect from ConfiDentist’s AFK course:

  • A simplified approach that breaks down complex topics into smaller, easily-digestible programs
  • Detailed focus on each subtopic to solidify students’ understanding of the exam and of dental practices in Canada
  • An updated curriculum to match the changing trends in the exams and in the Canadian dental space
  • Success rate (past 6 years): 91.5%
  • Top scorer rate (90+): 25.0%
  • The most comprehensive AFK course out there with 230+ hours of lectures.
  • Most comprehensive and updated materials: ConfiNotes®️
  • International dentists tend to immigrate to Canada, but they are not sure when to start and which path, they want to choose.
  • International dentists who want to start their studies for the AFK exam before they coming to Canada
  • International dentists are busy practicing dentistry in their country and are looking for a flexible curriculum to get prepared for the AFK exam.
  • Dental students who are busy with their University classes and are looking to enhance their knowledge in the English language and are looking for a flexible curriculum.
  • Your mentor will help you start your journey of participating in NDEB exams and start your journey of becoming a Canadian dentist. The goal of the mentor is to help you choose the best path to apply for the exams or University which perfectly fits your individual circumstances. The mentor will help you with a wide range of topics and all your questions during the course such as:
    • Technical questions about the AFK exams, courses, and content
    • Questions about the application for the NDEB profile
    • General initial questions about coming to Canada, immigration, exam costs, and financial aids, the life of the international dentists in the equivalency process.

With our dedicated video platform, you can choose when and how to watch lectures in the comfort of your home. Each lecture would be available for a limited period (two weeks to watch) and all the lectures would become available through the general curriculum of the course, but we would make some slight changes through your mentoring sessions depending on your personal circumstances.

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How to study this course?

Once the registration is complete, you will connect with your mentor, and booklets will be printed and shipped to your address.
After receiving booklets, your mentor would email your course schedule with username and password to the course video streaming platform. Each course would be available for 2 weeks and could be watched a maximum of 3 times. 
Your mentor has a constant connection with you during the course through email and the course Facebook groups. Also, you would have 3-20 minutes sessions with your mentor during the course period.


Course Starts: Flexible timing

Course duration:  3 to 4 months

Course Language : English




$2250 + HST

This package includes:

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The Selection of our best AFK lectures

1 Mock Exam and Discussion

Pre-recorded Question Bank

3 * 20 minutes of personal mentorship and consulting service