Dr. Mehdi Adibrad


  • NDEB Dental Certificate as a qualified dentist to practice in Canada (2014)
  • MSc in Periodontics and Dental Implantology, Dental School, Isfahan University of Medical Science, Isfahan, Iran “GPA: 3.86/4” (2007-2010)
  • DDS in Dentistry, Dental School, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran “GPA: 3.82/4” (2001-2007)

Professional Activities:

  • Dentist and Oral surgeon; private practice in Toronto (2014-present)
  • Instructor and tutor for internationally trained dentists for Fundamental, Judgment and skills exams(2013-present)
  • Periodontist, Implantologist (2009-2012)
  • Dentist (2007-2009)
  • Researcher, Prof. Torabinejad Research Center (2008-2010)


  • Journal of Oral Implantology (2010-present)
  • Journal of Periodontology (2012-present)

Academic Publication:

Publications in English:

  • Adibrad M, Deyhimi P, Ganjalikhani Hakemi M, Behfarnia P, Shahabuei M, Rafiee Signs of the presence of Th17 cells in chronic periodontal disease.J Periodontal Res. 2012 Aug;47(4):525-31.
  • Adibrad M, Shahabuei M, Sahabi M. Significance of the width of keratinized mucosa on the health status of the supporting tissue around implants supporting overdentures. J Oral Implantol. 2009;35(5):232-7.
  • Sahabi M, Adibrad M, Mirhashemi F, Habibzadeh S. Biomechanical Effects of Platform Switching in Two Different Implant Systems: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis. J Dent (Tehran) 2013;10(4):1-13.
  • Birang R, Yaghini J, Adibrad M , Kiany S, Mohammadi Z, Birang E. The effects of diode laser and chlorhexidine gel in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. J Lasers Med Sci. 2011; 2(4):131-8.
  • Geramy A, Adibrad M , Sahabi M. The effects of splinting periodontally compromised removable partial denture abutments on bone stresses: a three-dimensional finite element study. J Dent Sci 2010;5(1):1−7.

Publications in Farsi:

  • Shahabuei M, Dabbagh E, Adibrad M , Vaziri S, Eslami B, Karimi Afshar S. The Effect of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) and Bio-oss on Bone Regeneration in Furcation Class II Defects: A Histologic and Histomorphometric Study in Dogs. Shiraz Univ Dent J 2011;12(1):1-10
  • Moghareh Abed A, Ansari Gh, Tavakoli M, Adibrad M. A Review of the Use of Dental Implants in Children with Tooth Agenesis. Journal of Isfahan Dental School 2010;6(1):49- 57
  • Shahabouei M, Hekmatian E, Adibrad M , Bahador Ghobadi A. Accuracy of vertical bitewing and bisect periapical radiography techniques in anterior mandibular teeth interdental bone resorption using grid sheet. Journal of Isfahan Dental School 2009;5(3):126-133
  • Sahabi M, Gerami A, Adibrad M. Evaluation of fixed splinting in periodontally compromised abutments of RPDs utilizing 3-D finite element method (FEA). Journal of Islamic Dental Association of Iran 2009;21(1):40-49

Books & Translations

  • Wismeijer D, Casentini P ,Gallucci G, Chiapasco G. ITI (International Team for Implantology) treatment guide. Volume 4: loading protocols in implant dentistry. Edentulous patients. 1st ed. UK: Quintessence; 2011 ( Farsi Translation, 2012)
  • Cohen S, Hargreaves KM. Pathways of Pulp. 9th ed. St. Louis: Mosby. 2006 ( Farsi Translation, 2007)
  • Hassanizade R, Adibrad M. Last Limit of Dentistry. 1st ed. Iran: 2005 (Publication in Farsi).

Awards and Professional Achievements:

  • First rank in Canada’s NDEB Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) exam (2013) (among 1187 participants)
  • 2nd rank in the Periodontology Board Exam of Iran (2010)
  • Academic award of appreciation from the Iran Minister of Health and Medical education (2010)
  • Top Postgraduate Thesis (Comparative study of Th17 characteristic factors in chronic periodontitis and normal periodontium using immunohistochemistry) (2010)
  • 1st rank among the graduated dental students of Shahid Beheshti University with a Grade Point Average of 3.82/4 (2007)
  • 5th Rank in Iran National Examination on Dental Basic Sciences (equivalent to NBDE Part I) in the country (2004)
  • Excellent Student Honor (1st rank), school of Dentistry, Shahid Beheshty University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. (2004-2005)
  • Excellent Student Honor (1st rank), school of Dentistry, Shahid Beheshty University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. (2002-2003)
  • Rank 52 among 500,000 Iranian students participating in the “universities entrance exam” (2001)

Professional membership:

  • Royal College of Dental Surgeon of Ontario
  • Ontario Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Association for Dental Research
  • Iranian Association of Dentistry
  • American Association of Periodontology
Head instructor